Do you have an event coming up?
Do you want something Unique?
Do you want to have something that will
Rock Your Socks Off?

SPLASH ATTACK is just that

You will have more fun than any one person should be allowed to have!  Your Guests will not stop having fun until they go home and will not stop talking about Your Event and the Fun they had with SPLASH ATTACK for Years to come.  Your Event will Out Shine all others.

SPLASH ATTACK is great for ages 5 to 60.

SPLASH ATTACK is perfect for:

Corporate or Company Parties
Graduation Parties
Birthday Parties
Family Reunions
Class Reunions
Car/Bike Shows
Any Event that has people from 5 to 60 years old that
Like To Have FUN!

Book your event for this year before its too late.  We still have a few weekends available.

Plan ahead and get your booking in before next season fills up.

Pricing for most events starts at $300 for the first 2 1/2 hours and $100 per hour after the first  2 1/2 hour period.

Pricing includes:

2 Battle Stations
500 Balloons
Balloon Filling Station with Easy Tie
10 Balloon Buckets
1 of our Battle Consultants for support

Special pricing is available.
Multiple units are available at an additional cost.

Call your sales agent now to book your event or with questions.

Festival and Fair Pricing:

If you would like to have SPLASH ATTACK as an attraction at your Festival or Fair, we have several pricing plans.  SPLASH ATTACK is a Pay per Play Attraction but can also be rented for a one time fee.

Revenue Sharing (12% - 20% depending on the traffic expected)
Space Rental by
SPLASH ATTACK (we will rent the space with no revenue sharing)
Space Rental and Revenue Sharing Combination (we will be happy to negotiate a
         rent and smaller percentage revenue share with you).
You can rent
SPLASH ATTACK so your guests do not have to pay to play.

Multiple Units and Locations are possible at the same event.  See Field Size for space needed and call your
Battle Consultant to discuss options.