June 15, 2003 Fathers Day fun  We met some new friends today.  Got Beth's Cherokee (XJ for those that don't know) stuck in a river.
Going up Waldorf, above Georgetown, CO, we made it through the first river crossing, the .3 mile section of the river romp, but got
stuck in the 2nd crossing. and had to be towed out.  2 ATVs tried, but the XJ was stuck on a bolder wedged between the rear axle, the
drive shaft and the exhaust system.  It was "Large and in Charge ."  These new friends with a YJ not only towed us out, but towed us up
the hill and back down into town.  Then, they actually wanted to go out with us the next weekend !!!  The river filled the gas tank with
about 10 gallons of water through the vent tube.  I burned out the fuel pump and tweaked a few other goodies along the way (drag link,
body, exhaust, etc.  We spent the night in a motel and towed 112 miles home the next day.  After a few bucks and a few days, it's back
on the road.







From the rear



Pulling it out
















June 22, 2003  Another stab at Waldorf  We ( I ) decided to give Waldorf another stab.  Those that know me, know I won't be beaten,
for "good or bad" .  We called our new friends in that area, Dave and Sarah to see if they were up for a ride with the people that took
up their Fathers Day the weekend before.  They accepted and we were off.  We made (we took the bypass around the river this time. 
Beth was happy.) it up to about 100 yards of the old Mine near the top.  The trail had a snow drift across about 50 yards of it.  It was
about 3 and 4 feet deep and ran down into a snow filled gully.  Dave and I decided that he may be able to plow through it with his YJ,
being lifted with pretty decent tires.  He made a good go at it, plowed about 15 feet into it and that was it.  After going back and forth,
he managed to start sliding into the gully.  We hooked up the straps to our XJ and after a few tries, pulled him back up onto the road. 
We found an alternate way to the mine and stopped for a pic nic.  From there, we took a few different trails down.  Were the creek hits
the main trail, there is a trail going off to the side that runs right into the marsh.  Some really nice mud pits (about 5) running one after
the next.  Dave took off through it and of course I followed at High Speed.  We got through the first no problem so I continued, not able
to see ahead of the YJ and not caring what was ahead.  As I was about 2 feet from the edge of the 2nd, Dave stopped and so I had to
also.  That sank my rear end into the pit and my front high centered on the mound between the ruts.  We tried to pull it out with the YJ
and a few straps (3 of which 2 kept breaking), one belonging to a couple guys in a nice Toy truck.  Sorry about the strap guys.  We
gave up and Dave and Sarah headed up through the forest, in search of more pulling power.  They found Scott with a well built XJ
with a winch.  That did the trick after doing some leveraging of the new XJ.  Thanks again Scott.  I want to get the pictures you guys
took.  Here are a few that we took.  Not very good because Beth left the good camera in a friends car that gave her and the kids a ride
home after getting stuck the weekend before.  Beautiful place to go !!!

















July 06, 2003...North Empire & Bill Moore Lake  Today we decided to try out the North Empire Trails (North of the town of Empire, CO).
It was a beautiful day and we got together with our friends Dave and Sarah.  We also met a new friend, John (a friend of Dave and Sarahs).  This was the first time out for Johns new creation.  He started with a '78 Blazer and comenced to Chopping on it, then recreating it.  The
Blazer Buggie ran good (I'm sure John wants to make some minor tweeks and additions).  Most of the pics center around the Blazer Buggie.  We stopped at Bill Moore Lake for a picnic.  I'm going to have to start kicking Beth out of the Jeep to get some pics of our rig.  There were
a few really challenging spots for our stock XJ (need to do something about that real soon, before I break something big and expensive).
But we had NO problems this time out.  Fun for all and all for FUN.  We will be going back next weekend to camp out at an old mining
cabin we found.  I will have Beth get some pictures of the trail this time.  Enjoy......

Our XJ on the trail at a rest stop we took.

It was on a rise with a great view.



The YJ near the top of the rise.

Another shot.

The Blazer Buggie at the top.

Another shot.

XJ on the trail.

Bill Moore Lake.

View from the Lake.

Beth at lunch.

The kids munching.

Jonathan playing.

The BB climbing a bolder.

High centered the tranny and started spinning


Now it was time to climb.










One of many old mining cabins in the area.

An old mine.

An old mining cabin on the trail.

It is very well kept up.

Another shot.

The kids found a swing hanging from a pine.

They all had a blast.





August 24, 2003   Spring Creek  More pics to come in a few days.







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